Trinidad & Tobago

Languages:  English
Main Religions:  Roman Catholic, Protestant, Hindu
Ecclesias:   Mt. Grace, Arima, Marabella, Erin (72 members in total, 96 in Sunday School, 44 in CYC)
Contact:  Brad Butts

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A Bible School is held every year, Lord willing, around the August 1st holiday.  One brother from North America and one with Caribbean connections are usually the presenters.  Each island alternates as the host.  Youth retreats are also planned periodically, especially during the February Carnival period, to give the young people a more wholesome and scriptural experience.  Active Sunday Schools exist in three of the four ecclesias with many neighborhood children attending.  Preaching efforts are ongoing which include a radio broadcast twice a month on Sunday mornings sponsored by the Mt. Grace ecclesia in Tobago.  Truth Corps has visited Tobago on two occasions and once the Erin ecclesia in Trinidad to assist with teaching the youth and preaching.  Additional support visits by groups of North American brothers and sisters have been organized in recent years.