Languages:  Spanish, Quechua, Aymará
Main Religion:  Roman Catholic
Ecclesias:  La Paz (8 Members)
Link Brother:  Shimon Spina

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Brother and sister Isaiah and Rosie Tunnell (USA and New Zealand) left La Paz in February 2021 after a year of service. The ecclesial meeting hall relocated towards the end of 2020 to a more central location making it easier for the members (who are quite spread out) to make their way there. Unfortunately with the impact of Covid it has had limited use. Encouragingly there have been 3 baptisms in the past 12 months (2020-2021) which was a sizeable increase to this small ecclesia taking the number of Brothers and Sisters from 5 to 8. Two of the new sisters were taught the Truth through family members and the other through a Christadelphian friend.  Another young man who has been a regular contact for a couple of years is finishing first principles and working towards baptism. While Covid and the lack of healthcare in La Paz poses challenges for this small ecclesia to meet in person, they continue to hold breaking of bread each week and a number of the members connect into other zoom gathering in other parts of Central America and the USA.