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This Is Your Bible

The outreach effort through (TIYB) has been greatly blessed since its inception in 2006. This is a united effort between CBMA, CBM-UK, and ACBM.  TIYB is primarily a tool for connecting students to Christadelphian tutors and ultimately to Ecclesias.

Since 2006, the site has been updated several times in order to modernize its look and to keep its technical platform up to date. The underlying goal of these changes has been to provide a versatile platform from which a high quality and unique preaching resource can be maintained and developed. The site provides

several online courses, including Learn to Read the Bible Effectively webinar, for the instruction of those visitors to the site who register with us to learn about God’s plan. All courses, except for the webinar, are available in hardcopy by regular mail as well as online. Also available on the site is a wide variety of literature and videos.

As of December, 2018, we have had over 38,000 students register on our site and well over a million visitors who, although not registering, have made use of the materials available to them.

One of the clear needs is to expand TIYB outreach to accommodate other languages. To this end, the Spanish site was merged into the TIYB platform in 2012 and has been well-received by both tutors and students since that time.

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