Tracing the steps of “the Lamb” in Quito

Once again, I have been treated to the warmth of fellowship of my brothers and sisters in Ecuador. This fellowship was more enhanced by the choice of study the brothers and sisters had requested. I was asked to spend the eleven days of my visit in the study of the Book of Revelation. With the […] Read more »

Changes for Jamaica

We are thankful to report that the CBMC has been able to place a missionary couple in Jamaica during 2018 – Brother David and Sister Cassie Giordano.  In the process of moving to Jamaica, and after months of complying with government ever-changing requirements, they received the necessary documents mid-year, to allow them to live legally […] Read more »

Jamaica News

Since our last submission, we have benefitted greatly from the services of Brother David and Sister Cassie Giordano (current in-field missionaries) at several of the Island ecclesias, with our youth and in our homes.  Brother David spoke at the February 14thAsh Wednesday Fraternal in the Broughton Ecclesial Hall on the theme – “The gods of […] Read more »

2018 Caribbean Youth Conference

The Triennial Caribbean Christadelphian Youth Camp will be hosted this year by the brethren in Jamaica. We are delighted to confirm that a site has been secured, the Montague’s Teachers College, in the parish of St Ann on the Northeast end of the island. It is in close proximity to the resort town of Ocho […] Read more »

My First Time in Jamaica

I was blessed to have the opportunity to spend eight weeks in Jamaica from Sept 25 to Nov 20, 2017. During the first week, Bro Don Luff (link brother), Bro David & Sis Cassie Giordano and I did a tour around most of the island. After the first week the others flew home, and this […] Read more »