Matthew Williams Interview

A few months ago David and I were visiting with the Harvey River ecclesia at the home of its recording brother, Matthew Williams. The drive is a rough one, winding along pothole studded bamboo shaded roads, up through the hills, almost an hour from the closest main city, Lucea. During our time in Jamaica, we tried to regularly visit the small ecclesia. Despite all 5 of the members being over the age of 80, they rarely miss doing service at the hall on Sunday and have been enjoying Brother Matthew’s weekly exhortations for nearly two decades! 

Below, is his story about his conversion to the truth, as well as his advice for other brothers and sisters. 

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Truth Corps 2019

On July the 6th, the 2019 Truth Corps team started a three and-a-half week adventure to serve our host Ecclesias and spread the Good News of the Kingdom of God.

This year, our team spent time in the Pomona and San Diego Ecclesias in California and at the Broughton Ecclesia in Jamaica. The team consisted of Brothers: Erick Cervantes, Micah Hewitson, Brandon Hefner and Micah Luff; and Sisters: Sarah Perry, Lonti Shindano, Claire Robinson and Rhiannon Bourke. We were later joined in Jamaica by Sister Sarah Kohlman and Brother and Sister Matt and Cilla Tuckson. Our team was led by Brother Dave and Sister Cassie Giordano for our time in California and by Brother Dana Kohlman in Jamaica.

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Visits to Peru and Chile, plus a baptism in Argentina

It was a joy to visit the brethren and sisters and friends in Lima. In the course of 3 public lectures and memorial service, we were happy to welcome 23 different adult visitors, along with 14 children and the support of 9 of the 10 baptized members. Most visitors attended for several sessions.

Children at public lectures in Lima
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My First Trip to Jamaica

Going to the Easter Youth Camp in Jamaica was full of firsts for me. It was my first time on a plane, first time experiencing a new culture in a different country, and the first time I taught a kids’ class by myself. I was terrified before the trip and a big part of me didn’t want to go. I was scared that I would be lost and confused in this new country. I didn’t know if I would be able to teach a kids’ class and I didn’t know what the people were like, which is very scary for me personally. 

Easter Camp US team enjoying a few days in Negril
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