Works of Faith

Works of Faith projects began as individual brothers & sisters and ecclesias asked us how they could become directly involved in helping the brothers & sisters and ecclesias in mission areas.  FAW projects are ideal for a CYC, Sunday School, or a whole Ecclesia to adopt.  Most projects only occur once, several are on-going needs and a few are unique and repeat, like the Youth Camp which is held every 3 years.

In the past we’ve purchased small tables and chairs, van tires, replaced a sewing machine lost in a fire, repaired a water tank and many other items, by contributions made to Works of Faith projects.  A current list of projects, as well as those completed can be found at any time on the CBMA/CBMC website at

Below is the current list of this year’s projects:

Caribbean$400 per person to subsidize week-long CYC Youth Camp tuition in August 2018. Goal: 60 Sponsorships

The Triennial Caribbean Christadelphian Youth Camp will be hosted this year by the brethren in Jamaica. We are delighted to confirm that a site has been secured, the Montague’s Teachers College, in the parish of St Ann on the Northeast end of the island. It is in close proximity to the resort town of Ocho Rios. This is a quiet, peaceful and picturesque area of the island unaffected by criminal activity found in some parts of the island. The brethren in Jamaica have been working very hard to prepare for this camp.

Youths, both baptized and unbaptized, eagerly look forward to this opportunity to gather together with those from around the Caribbean (and even with some from North America) to make new friends, renew old friendships and to immerse themselves in a community of those who treasure God’s Word and long for the return of our Lord. They hunger for spiritual food and the chance to gain new insights and fresh thoughts. For many this will be the first time they have ventured out of their home country and their first opportunity to gain a sense of a larger community. Since this event occurs only once every 3 years, they may have only 2 opportunities in their lifetime to participate. For some, this is a chance to find a partner for life who shares their faith. They do not have the myriad of youth conferences, weekends around the Word and Bible Schools with classes geared to their needs found in North America.

Trinidad $10,000 Fire damage repair for a family home.  The fire was in a neighboring home and couldn’t be controlled in time to save the home of a family in the Erin Ecclesia.  Goal: 10 Donations of $1,000

Jamaica $1600 Adult education retraining fee for a 47 year old widowed sister with multiple children.  This is a 1 year subsidized “Housekeeping Program” which allows the sister to work in the hotel/resort industry.

Jamaica $600 per person for youth job training Goal: 4 Sponsorships

Schools in Jamaica receive insufficient funds from the government to operate, and are allowed to charge parents a monthly fee for each child, a charge for every exam and a fee to graduate, in addition to books, related supplies and uniforms.  If parents or single mothers do not have enough income to pay for these items their child will not be able to attend on a regular basis or may not graduate. Without a satisfactory level of education, obtaining a reasonable job is severely hindered.

Latin America$60 per person to subsidize 4 day Yearend Camp attendance for all ages: El Salvador, Costa Rica and Chile

Various Areas – Used Christadelphian Books (English), good, used KJV Bibles and large print Bibles (Jamaica) – donated by the brotherhood to Sis. Jan Berneau, who distributes them.

As you can see, there is a lot of need, particularly in the Caribbean.  With the continued economic problems in the area, and the recent hurricane problems the Brothers and Sisters in this area continue to be in need of our support.  Anything that you or your Ecclesia can do to help with the Christadelphian Families in these areas would be much appreciated.

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