Works of Faith

Works of Faith projects began as individual brothers & sisters and ecclesias asked us how they could become directly involved in helping the brothers & sisters and ecclesias in mission areas.  FAW projects are ideal for a CYC, Sunday School, or a whole Ecclesia to adopt.  Most projects only occur once, several are on-going needs and a few are unique and repeat, like the Youth Camp which is held every 3 years.

In the past we’ve purchased small tables and chairs, van tires, replaced a sewing machine lost in a fire, repaired a water tank and many other items, by contributions made to Works of Faith projects.  A current list of projects, as well as those completed can be found at any time on the CBMA/CBMC website at

Below is the current list of this year’s projects:

Guyana – $2,600  Georgetown Hall: The oldest ecclesia in Guyana, the Georgetown ecclesia, has had three costly burglaries over the past two years. They attempted to relocate, but this deal fell through. The ecclesia decided to remain where they are and renovate the hall to make it more secure, as well as to do substantive repairs on the front wall. 

Complete: Donations received and work finished June, 2019

Guyana – $3,200  Eccles Hall: The Eccles ecclesia is facing two capital expenditures for their hall. The first is the replacement of the zinc sheets on the roof of their hall and then the painting of these sheets to increase their longevity. This is an expense that arises maybe every 20 years. 

Progress: $200 donated in March, 2019

Guyana – $3,000  Eccles Hall: The second project they would like to undertake is the re-concreting of the area outside the hall. This has begun to deteriorate over the many years it has been in place and they would like to be able to rectify this.

Progress: $500 donated in June, 2019

Guyana – $1,000  Mocha Hall: This is the other ecclesia in the Demerara area of Guyana. They are facing a capital expenditure this year to replace the retaining wall (revetment) on the drainage ditch that runs by their hall. It will probably require using some kind of dredging equipment.

Guyana – $1,500  New Amsterdam: Their hall is one of the oldest in this part of the country and has served faithfully many generations of Christadelphians from its earliest days in the 1950s. Without paint on the wood walls replaced last year, the wood will deteriorate fairly quickly. 

Guyana – $1,250  Kilcoy: One project they would like to address before April 2019 when they will be hosting the Guyana Bible School is the concreting of the entrance to the hall from the road. At present this consists of dirt and some grass from the road, a wood bridge (over a trench), then dirt and grass through the front gate. When it rains, this area becomes muddy, making the entrance to the hall difficult. 

Progress: $500 donated in March, 2019

Guyana – $1,000  Kilcoy: An extension of the current overhang on the back side of the hall. This will increase the space for children’s classes and activities, especially when they host special ecclesial events like a Bible School, fraternal, or a Sunday School party. 

Progress: $1,000 donated in June, 2019

Guyana – $1,500  Plegt Anker: This ecclesia is situated in the “bush,” far from any town, but it has one of the largest Sunday Schools. A number of years ago a bus was purchased to enable the brethren in the ecclesia to round up all the SS children each Sunday. The bus has also been used for many other ecclesial, CYC & YOC activities as well. Fortunately, the brother who drives this bus is also a very good mechanic, so he is able generally to maintain the bus. Recently, this brother indicated that the bus needs some major work on the engine covering. 

Progress: $700 donated in June, 2019

Jamaica – $12,000  Round Hill: Fire to home of two sisters

Progress: $17,890 donated between March and June, 2019

Jamaica – $1,000  Easter Camp expenses

Progress: $850 donated in June, 2019

Latin America – $60 per person to subsidize CYC or Youth Camp tuition – Annual Bible Schools

Progress: $360 donated March through June, 2019

Various Areas – Used Christadelphian Books (English), good, used KJV Bibles, large print Bibles (Jamaica) and other Christadelphian books – donated by the brotherhood to Sis. Jan Berneau, who distributes them.

Progress: Two cases of Bibles and 60 “1964” Hymn Books donated March through June, 2019

As you can see, there is a lot of need, particularly in the Caribbean.  With the continued economic problems in the area, and the recent hurricane problems the Brothers and Sisters in this area continue to be in need of our support.  Anything that you or your Ecclesia can do to help with the Christadelphian Families in these areas would be much appreciated.

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