CBMA Committee &

CBMC Board

The role of CBMA Committee and CBMC Board is to:

  • Obtain government approval to preach and advertise meetings. Continue to operate within the laws of local government.
  • Co-ordinate distribution of funds to avoid duplication and inequities.
  • Co-ordinate visits to mission areas to maximize effort and best use of money.
  • Match needs with suitable missionary applicants.
  • Assign and work with link brethren to monitor the needs, both spiritual and material, of ecclesias as they are born and develop.

CBMA Committee

The CBMA oversees mission activities in North, Central and Latin America.  The following brethren have been elected to the committee.

  • Dennis Paggi, Chairman
  • Eric Hawthorne, Secretary
  • Ken Green, Treasurer
  • Ben Drepaul
  • Antonio Howell
  • Dan Styles

CBMC Board

The CBMC oversees mission activities in the Caribbean.  The following brethren have been appointed to the board.

  • Bill Hlina, Chairman
  • Phil Snobelen, Treasurer
  • Mark Carr
  • Ted Hodge
  • Jonathan Lawrence
  • Mike LeDuke
  • Ian Mcfarlane
  • Ted Sleeper