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December 30, 2022
Jamaica – Tiny Missionaries
By Sister Antonia Giordano
When Nathan and I were newly married and venturing into the mission field together (India), we carried with us the romantic notion that one day it would be wonderful to take our as-yet-to-be-realized children with us, to expose them early and often to different cultures and the rigors of travel, and most importantly, to the joys and hard work of missionary life. “When the youngest is five,” we told ourselves, our ignorance blissful. continue reading
December 20, 2022
Update on Domestic Missionaries in Avon, Indiana
By Sis. Lonti Shindano & Sis. Jackie Shindano
We arrived in Avon in late August and really hit the ground running. Because our primary focus was the kids, the first thing we did was to kickstart a junior CYC program, which we now host every Friday evening. We usually hold a class (given by a local brother in person or by a remote brother via zoom) and some activities...oh and food, of course! During the warm and bright months of September and October, we were outside a lot, but now that the weather is cooler we spend most of our time inside teaching them all the card games we know.   continue reading
December 13, 2022
St. Lucia Update
By Bro. Mike LeDuke, CBMC Link for St. Lucia
Following the hiatus in visits and preaching activity due the pandemic and associated issues, I was able to visit the Ecclesia again in November of 2021 (November 7 to Dec. 6) and brother Martin and sister Lois Webster were able to come down on January 3, 2022, and returned on February 20. I followed up with another visit on February 13 through April 11. God willing, my next visit is scheduled for October 29 to December 7. continue reading