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Languages: Spanish
Ecclesias: 26 members – Panama City, Colon
Contact: Don Luff
El Salvador
Languages: Spanish
Ecclesias: 80 members – San Salvador, Sonsonate, Usulután
Contact: Jim Hunter
Languages: English
Ecclesias: Approx. 102 members – Broughton, Harvey River, Kingston, May Pen, Port Maria, Round Hill, Spanish Town
Contact: Nathan & Antonia Giordano
June 28, 2023
Jamaica Easter Youth Camp
By Sis. Antonia Giordano, part of Link Couple to Jamaica
In April, eleven young (and youngish) North American brothers and sisters from Virginia to visit the brethren in Jamaica for the first time and witness life in the Truth in another place. The purpose was to attend, help lead, teach at and generally support the Jamaica Easter Youth Camp. Bro Matt Tuckson taught the main classes and the other brothers pitched in leading other sessions throughout the day. There were also classes for younger children which the visitors took a large role in. continue reading
June 22, 2023
A Visit to Tobago
By Bro. Tony Ball, Monroe, WA Ecclesia
During the first week of May, my wife Amy and I were blessed to visit the beautiful island of Tobago. While we were there, we were blessed to visit the Mt Grace Ecclesia. I called ahead earlier on in the week only to hear that Bro. Collin Campbell had fallen asleep rather suddenly and so it was a sad time for the ecclesia. Bro. Collin was the Recording Brother and a hardworking, faithful worker in the ecclesia with a large family of children and grandchildren most of whom also attend the Mt Grace ecclesia. continue reading
June 19, 2023
Guyana Bible School
By Written by Sis. Dinah Pillion, Monroe, WA Ecclesia
This year the Kilcoy Berbice Ecclesia hosted the 51st Guyana Bible School, the first in-person bible school in Guyana since the pandemic. Attendees came from the six ecclesias in Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Canada, the US, and as far away as Australia. The theme of the Bible School was “As children of light, let … continue reading