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Languages: Spanish, Quechua
Ecclesias: 10 members – Lima
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Languages: Spanish
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Languages: Spanish
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Contact: Shimon & Joanna Spina
January 22, 2024
Costa Rican Bible School
By Bro. David Collister, Link Bro. for Costa Rica
As I have written in previous articles, the Costa Ricans are very diligent in their preparations for the year-end Bible School, beginning months in advance to plan out the details. They try to involve as many as possible in the preparations. They always choose a theme for the event and try to tie all the activities into this theme, including the planned free-time activities. continue reading
January 17, 2024
Invitation to Caribbean Youth Camp 2024
By Bro. Ben Drepaul, Link Brother for Trinidad & Tobago
Planning for the 16th triennial Christadelphian Youth Camp to be held God’s will in Trinidad from August 10-17, 2024 is now well underway and we give thanks to our Heavenly Father for the prospects of a successful event; we continue our prayers that the event will bring honor to His Name. continue reading
November 30, 2023
Update on Refugee Brethren
By the hand of the LORD, many Christadelphian families who have fled Africa as refugees have found themselves spread throughout North America. Some are blessed to be near existing ecclesias, but sadly, others are in isolation. Brothers and sisters, ecclesias and Bible schools have responded to the call to provide pastoral care to those who make a new life so far from the home they know. Here are a few updates on the pastoral activities related to brothers and sisters relocated from Africa. continue reading