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September 29, 2023
Guadalajara & Ocotlán Weekend Trip
By Bro. David Collister, one of Link Brothers to Mexico
Brother Dennis Paggi and I made the trip to Mexico to visit the Brothers and Sisters and give a study weekend over March 31st to April 3rd. Brother Dennis has visited Mexico on several occasions, but it was my first time. Dennis and I recently accepted the position of link team for Mexico, replacing Bros. David Lloyd and David Jennings, who were the links for Mexico for over twenty years. Their work is greatly appreciated. continue reading
July 31, 2023
A New Sister in Quito
By Sis. Kathy Varela, Quito
On Saturday, July 15, brothers & sisters and friends met at our brother César's house, a very nice place on the outskirts of Quito, to celebrate the baptism of Johanna Rosa, daughter of our brother Manuel Duchi. continue reading
June 28, 2023
Jamaica Easter Youth Camp
By Sis. Antonia Giordano, part of Link Couple to Jamaica
In April, eleven young (and youngish) North American brothers and sisters from Virginia to visit the brethren in Jamaica for the first time and witness life in the Truth in another place. The purpose was to attend, help lead, teach at and generally support the Jamaica Easter Youth Camp. Bro Matt Tuckson taught the main classes and the other brothers pitched in leading other sessions throughout the day. There were also classes for younger children which the visitors took a large role in. continue reading