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Trinidad & Tobago
Languages: English
Ecclesias: 77 members – Mt. Grace, Arima, Marabella, Erin
Contact: Ben Drepaul
Languages: French, Creole
Ecclesias: 45 members
Contact: Jeff Gelineau
Languages: Spanish
Ecclesias: 5 members – 1 ecclesia
Contact: Jim Hunter
June 4, 2024
Update / Status Report on
By CBMA/C News
Quite a bit of progress has been made in the past few years on a Spanish language online Bible study platform at managed by Bro. Kevin Hunter. As you will see below, he has put together a group of Brothers and Sisters volunteering from all over the world. continue reading
March 16, 2024
Haiti Update
By Bro. Bill Hlina
In recent weeks we have had an overwhelming number of requests regarding the welfare of the brothers and sisters in Haiti. The truth came to Haiti only about 15 years ago, primarily due to the work of brother Esmath Sainval. He was formerly trained as a pastor who having disagreements with the doctrines of his church, began a Saturday Bible class in his home, resulting in the conversion of a small group who were baptized into Christ. An ecclesia was formed late in 2009. continue reading
March 11, 2024
El Salvador Bible School
By Bro. Jim & Sis. Jean Hunter
Once again God blessed us with the privilege of attending the school over the New Year's weekend. Visitors from other countries began arriving several days early and were entertained and taken on outings by their Salvadoran hosts. One busload went to the town of Usulután to share the day with the little ecclesia there. They were treated to a delicious lunch followed by a Bible talk. Other days they spent getting to know each other, visiting local parks and lakes and sharing meals. continue reading