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December 30, 2022
Jamaica – Tiny Missionaries
By Sister Antonia Giordano
When Nathan and I were newly married and venturing into the mission field together (India), we carried with us the romantic notion that one day it would be wonderful to take our as-yet-to-be-realized children with us, to expose them early and often to different cultures and the rigors of travel, and most importantly, to the joys and hard work of missionary life. “When the youngest is five,” we told ourselves, our ignorance blissful. continue reading
October 27, 2022
Guyana Youth Camp
By Bro. Trimal Accra
After much planning and deliberation, leaders and youth circlers from the 3 Demerara Ecclesias started their 2½ - 3-hour journey up to Plegt Anker.  Along the way, they picked up some youths from Light town, to have their much-anticipated weekend camp which ran from Friday 29th July to Monday 1st August, 2022.  continue reading
October 21, 2022
This Is Your Bible
By Bro. Mike LeDuke is the primary internet preaching tool of the CBMA/C, ACBM, and the CBM UK. The site is designed to attract visitors and encourage them to register for courses with a focus on first principle Bible teaching and to provide ample material in addition to the available courses to supplement this goal. continue reading