The Truth has been growing in the Caribbean in some areas since the late 1870’s. Our Link Brother/Couple support 20 Ecclesias with 338 members, another 154 in Sunday School and CYC in 8 countries and islands. Our commitment is to encourage and strengthen the lives of our mission ecclesias with preaching, pastoral, and when needed, welfare assistance.

Caribbean Countries Served by the CBMC

From time to time we have had Missionaries in place for 2-3 years at a time, and open to that happening again. Please take time to learn a bit about each country and their activities.

Languages: English
Ecclesias: 4 members - no ecclesias
Contact: Ted Hodge Jr.
Languages: English
Ecclesias: 6 members – Grand Bahama
Contact: Ted Hodge Jr.
Languages: English
Ecclesias: 30 members – Bank Hall, Barbados South
Contact: Ian & Judy Macfarlane
Languages: English
Ecclesias: 115 members – Georgetown, Kilcoy, Mocha, New Amsterdam, Plegt Anker
Contact: Mark & Liz Carr, Rafeek & Rose Soolaman
Languages: French, Creole
Ecclesias: 45 members
Contact: Jeff Gelineau
Languages: English
Ecclesias: Approx. 102 members – Broughton, Harvey River, Kingston, May Pen, Port Maria, Round Hill, Spanish Town
Contact: Nathan & Antonia Giordano
St. Lucia, St. Vincent & The Grenadines
Languages: English
Ecclesias: 11 members – 1 ecclesia
Contact: Mike LeDuke
Trinidad & Tobago
Languages: English
Ecclesias: 77 members – Mt. Grace, Arima, Marabella, Erin
Contact: Ben Drepaul
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