Visiting & Working

In general, it is possible to visit and work in countries and with ecclesias for both short and long term commitments. There are Bible Camps, special weekends, and other activities to support and attend, accompanied by a Link Brother/Couple. Please contact us if you would like additional information.

Visit or Work in a Mission Location

  • Perform much needed mission work in several countries with emerging ecclesias
  • Short-term visits (7-14 days) support a specific preaching campaign and provide teaching and postoral help.
  • Medium-term tripes (1-3 months) support long-term missionaries for specific purposes – either by helping with daily activities or by assisting specific campaigns or preaching efforts.
  • Long-term stays (1-3 years) involve follow-up in areas with new and developing ecclesias. Responsibilities vary from teaching Bible classes to caring for the pastoral needs of the ecclesia.

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