Starting Fresh

Bringing the Truth to a new country, island or city where no active preaching is currently being done.

Are you interested in putting together a small team of brethren and sisters in your ecclesia willing to dedicate their spare time for a 3 year effort in a new area?

Mission work does not start when one gets off the plane in a far away country. It begins with the placement of advertisements offering literature and correspondence courses and filling the requests and reviewing and answering the questions that come up as people complete the correspondence courses. When, with God’s blessing, sufficient interest had been shown you will need to make arrangements for a lecture series in a public meeting room in their country. The lectures need to be advertised, the students need to be invited, a speaker prepared and travel arrangements made. And then the day comes when you get off the plane in a far away country and meet for the first t time the people with whom you have been in contact.

This is one way that you can become involved with the mission work. The CBMA/CBMC brethren will provide the guidance and assistance and the brotherhoods donations will supply the funding.

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