La Biblia Tutors

LaBiblia is an exciting Internet preaching website, fully dedicated to Spanish speakers around the world. It closely mirrors the TIYB site in what it offers, to include a new online correspondence course that will be introduced soon.

Currently, we are seeking Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters to serve as LaBiblia tutors. Specifically, we are creating a team of Spanish-speakers who will be responding to new students in Canada, the United States and Mexico.

We are convinced that a significant preaching opportunity exists in these countries in Spanish. Another team has already been created to handle coursework in Latin America.

LaBiblia will only offer an “online” correspondence course. This means that all students will be corresponding with tutors through the Internet. This will significantly reduce expenses and facilitate more rapid progression through the course.

In addition to Spanish language skills, each tutor will need a computer with an Internet connection.

If you have good Spanish language skills and can read and write effectively in Spanish, we believe that you can really make a significant impact in this new outreach across North America. Please consider becoming a LaBiblia tutor today.

To become a tutor, please email Bro. Kevin Hunter at

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