Postal Course Manager

Preaching through correspondence courses has been done in Latin America since the 1960’s and has proven to be successful in spreading the gospel message. With the more recent development of online preaching tools, platforms and tools have been created which allow for more intense advertising reaching a larger population. The need for printed materials to be sent to interested friends continues and will increase with the new online capabilities. 

The CBMA is now actively looking for a person, or couple who would be interested in helping preach the word by managing the postal course materials. Recent exploratory advertising has generated a list of 1,500 contacts who are in need of materials.

Job Description

Responsible for arranging small batch printing and mailing of Spanish and Portuguese postal course materials to individual tutors or ecclesias in the Americas, and direct mailing to students. Depending on the recipient, both physical mailing/shipping and emailing will be utilized.

Create and manage inventory for a range of dozens of lessons across multiple postal courses and up to 100 different pamphlets.

While familiarity with Spanish would be preferable, it is not a limiting requirement. Training will be available for the position.  All printing and mailing costs will be covered by the CBMA, and a monthly stipend will be considered.

Similar to our missionary candidates, there is a two-year minimum commitment, though it is hoped that the acceptance of this position will be for a longer term.

If you would are interested in serving in this capacity, please contact Bro. Dennis Paggi at

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