This is Your Bible – Developers & Designers

We are recruiting web developers and graphic design volunteers for Internet Preaching work. The effective operation and appearance of our Internet Preaching sites ( and requires ongoing resources, which are costly to acquire externally.

Coordinators: Duncan Kenzie and Mike LeDuke


Here’s a list of the skills that we are seeking:

  • Graphics design work – creating, editing or choosing images that are appropriate for accompanying articles.
  • Graphics design work – website redesign, or designs for new pages.
  • Programming – knowledge of PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MySQL and preferably Vue skills. Laravel experience is a must.
  • Documentation – skilled at online training or writing online documentation, so we can effectively explain the site’s functionality for tutors, ecclesia managers and linkmen.

If you have one or more of these skills, please consider volunteering for this important work. Selected volunteers will work closely with the Webmaster on programming guidelines and requirements.

Please contact Bro. Duncan Kenzie at for further information.

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