Languages: English
Ecclesias: 30 members – Bank Hall, Barbados South
Main Religion: Christian (Mainly Protestant)


There is an Easter Bible School and several visits each year from visiting brethren and sisters. advertising has been done in the local newspapers with good results.

News from Barbados
June 20, 2022
Fraternal Gathering in Barbados
By Bro. Ian Macfarlane, Link for Barbados
The ecclesia in Barbados held their annual Fraternal Gathering on April 15 -18, 2022. Overseas visitors this year included Bro. Larry and Sis. Karon Deakin from Venice, Florida, as well as the CBMC link couple Bro. Ian and Sis. Judy Macfarlane from Hamilton, Canada. continue reading
April 27, 2022
Barbados in February
By Bro. Ben Drepaul
Barbados, one of the paradise vacation spots for people from all over the globe, has recently announced its intention to cease being a constitutional monarchy, therefore removing the Queen as its head of state. The government is now headed by three strong women: President Sandra Mason, Prime-Minister Mia Mottley and Deputy Prime-Minister Santia Bradshaw, the granddaughter of our own Sister Ida Yearwood, who died in 2019, at the age of 93.  I remember as a kid, she was quite stern, in fact, many of the brethren dared not question her authority, for she was one of the oldest members, some 40 years after the truth first arrived there in 1892. Back in the 1980’s, on one occasion, we wanted to sing, “How Great Thou Art” at the CYC, however, she firmly maintained that if it was not in the hymn book, we could not sing it! continue reading
October 26, 2017
Bible Exhibition in Barbados
For the second year the Bank Hall Ecclesia in Barbados hosted a Bible Exhibition.  We give thanks to our Heavenly Father for this opportunity. Thanks also to the Brooklyn and Atlanta ecclesias in the U.S. and to Bro. David Corbin for making this possible. continue reading
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