April 23, 2013

Kidnapping of Bro. Alex Andrade


April 22, 2013

We regret to inform that there has been no further development in the case of Bro. Alex Andrade of El Salvador, who was kidnapped in the city of San Salvador on March 6th last. Our fervent prayer is that our Heavenly Father may protect Bro. Alex if he remains alive, while continuing to console his family and his brethren and sisters in the Truth. Given the time that has gone by, the CBMA will not publish any further bulletins on this distressing situation unless some new information were to arise.

April 3, 2013

The brothers and sisters in El Salvador ask the brotherhood to continue to pray that Bro. Alex Andrade may yet come out of this all right.  That hope may be diminishing, but it is not yet lost by any means.

March 16, 2013

There has been no significant new development in the case of Bro. Alex Andrade of El Salvador, who was kidnapped on Wednesday of last week and is still missing. We ask brethren and sisters around the world to continue to pray fervently that he may yet be released unharmed.

 March 9, 2013

The CBMA regrets to inform the brotherhood that Bro. Alex Andrade of El
Salvador, 22, a member of the Usulután ecclesia, disappeared in San Salvador
on Wednesday, March 6. The following day his father received a call made
from Alex’s cell phone, apparently from a gang member, demanding a ransom
for Alex’s return. His father’s request that he be allowed to speak with his
son was refused and further calls and text messages received that day and
the next stated that Alex had been killed. Local police have been unable to
provide much assistance.

As of this writing on Saturday, March 9, no further communications had been
received from Alex’s purported captors. His family and the brethren and
sisters in El Salvador fear the worst and are scouring the morgues, public
hospitals and Red Cross clinics in the area. However, Alex’s fate is yet
uncertain, and so we ask for your fervent prayers that he might be restored
safely to his family and the household of faith.

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