El Salvador
Languages: Spanish
Ecclesias: 80 members – San Salvador, Sonsonate, Usulután
Main Religion: Roman Catholic
Contact: Jim Hunter


All 3 meetings carry out a full slate of ecclesial and outreach activities under local leadership. The San Salvador Ecclesia broadcasts its Sunday meetings via Skype. A special campaign in San Salvador in late 2018 produced some new interested friends, 2 of whom are studying for baptism. Several other friends and young people are also in preparation for baptism.

The CBMA provides all the ecclesias with advice and financial support for pastoral work and preaching. A local sister handles course requests from Google ads. The Bible school held at the end of every year is well attended both by local members and brethren and sisters from other areas.

News from El Salvador
March 17, 2022
A Pan (Latin) American Bible School
By Bro. Jim & Sis. Jean Hunter
After another year of frustration and confinement. By the end of 2021, travel and hygienic restrictions were being eased in Latin America, so in El Salvador, plans were made for a second consecutive Bible school under the shadow of the Covid pandemic, praying that God would allow the project to go ahead and bless it to His honour and glory, and for the spiritual benefit of all who could attend.  There were 83 in attendance, more than we had dared hope for. Our God was gracious and gave us this time together around His word. continue reading
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