May 10, 2022

Five Baptisms in One Day

By Bro. David Collister (translated from Facebook)

It is with great pleasure that we share the wonderful news of five baptisms in Costa Rica. Sis. Daniela González, Bro. Anthony Ramirez Ugalde, Bro. Carlos Ramírez Ugalde, Sis. Sonia Soto Arias and Sis. Carolina Chavez Hernandez were all baptized into the Lord on April 18, 2022 in what the Costa Ricans described as a beautiful ceremony.

Daniela, Anthony, and Carlos are all second-generation Christadelphians, having grown up in the ecclesia, children of members. It is wonderful to witness the new generation taking on the saving name of Christ. Sonia has been studying for over 10 years, and attending ecclesial functions all of that while. Carolina has been studying with Sister Gladys Chavarria for about a year.

The Costa Rican brothers and sisters, together with friends, were able to share in the blessing of fellowship as they witnessed the immersion of these five new brothers and sisters.

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