October 27, 2022

Guyana Youth Camp

By Bro. Trimal Accra

After much planning and deliberation, leaders and youth circlers from the 3 Demerara Ecclesias started their 2½ – 3-hour journey up to Plegt Anker.  Along the way, they picked up some youths from Light town, to have their much-anticipated weekend camp which ran from Friday 29th July to Monday 1st August, 2022.

After settling in upon arrival, the camp leader Bro Jermain Porte officially opened the camp with prayer followed by an icebreaker of getting to know each other, after which there was dinner and then lights out.

Our spiritual food for the weekend surrounded the theme “Rebuilding Broken Bridges” and our two speakers Bro Derek Babb Jr. and Bro Shamroy Hope did an excellent job of getting their talks over to the campers.  Bro Derek, who focused on “Humble yourself and see things through their eyes,” reminded us that being lowly cannot be seen from our outward appearance, but from within, outlining the importance of looking at each other’s perspective.  Bro Shamroy, whose focus was on “Rebuilding your friendship with God,” reminded us that in order to rebuild our relationship with God, we need to set reasonable goals such as praying daily, reading the word of God and rebuilding the relationship between each other.  Both talks tied in well with the words of exhortation, which was given by Bro Trimal Accra, who gave us a spiritual insight on a bridge, it’s uses, what can cause damages, what can be done for it to last and taking into consideration our life in Christ.

Sisters Joanna Hope, Abike Barker and Abigail Babb did a wonderful job with the games, both indoors and outdoors, and their execution of them was fun both mentally and physically.  And the competition was there! Once again, a job well done.

Thanks also to Sisters Mawazo, Kendra, Elizabeth and Joanna who took charge in the preparation of the mouth-watering and nourishing meals that were served on time.  They kept the campers filled.

In attendance, there were 22 females and 16 males – a total of 38 campers.  Their participation was great, whether with the kitchen or dorm duties, or with the talks and games.  Getting the final feedback from the campers was that they enjoy it and wished it was longer.  Hopefully at next year’s camp, more brooms can be made according to Bro Patricks’ dream.

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