January 17, 2024

Invitation to Caribbean Youth Camp 2024

By Bro. Ben Drepaul, Link Brother for Trinidad & Tobago

Planning for the 16th triennial Christadelphian Youth Camp to be held God’s will in Trinidad from August 10-17, 2024 is now well underway and we give thanks to our Heavenly Father for the prospects of a successful event; we continue our prayers that the event will bring honor to His Name.

Back in the 1960’s when camps were held locally in only Guyana, bro. Ashraf Ali suggested that we expand into the Caribbean so as to get our young people to get to know each other and study God’s word together. There were already annual local camps being held in a few of those countries but no joint Caribbean venture.  Bro. David Simpson from the UK, thought it was a wonderful idea and with the financial backing of the CBMC eventually in 1979 the first Triennial Christadelphian Caribbean Youth Camp was held in Mount Grace, Tobago from August 15-24.

Families from Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica and T&T came with their children and other young people in their care. The guys slept in the hall on mattresses on top of benches and the girls slept in a giant tent at the back of the hall.  The speakers were Brethren: Anderson Daniel, Ashraf Ali and Clive Drepaul. It was an amazing event, in the morning the aroma of sausages frying in the kitchen awoke the boys who took turns in the two showers getting ready for the day.  The agenda was simple but the classes quite deep and at the end of the week like all the camps following there were tears as the young people realized they would not see each other for quite a while! (This was way before the internet and FaceTime, and a phone call was quite expensive.)

In the years to follow the CCYCC (Christadelphian Caribbean Youth Camp Committee) was formed with representatives from the four Caribbean countries and eventually North America to assist in the promoting, planning and managing of the event which was held every three years in one of the 4 Caribbean countries with the exception of 2021 when a virtual event was held as a result of the pandemic.

This then brings us to 2024 and the CCYCC conducted a site visit in November to make further preparations for the camp.

In keeping with the mission of this tri-annual event we hope that young people not only from the Caribbean but all parts of the globe would take advantage of this opportunity to build their spiritual level, be encouraged in the regular reading and study of the bible, develop stronger preaching skills and strengthen their friendships in the brotherhood as we await the coming our Lord Jesus.

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