Trinidad & Tobago
Languages: English
Ecclesias: 77 members – Mt. Grace, Arima, Marabella, Erin
Main Religion:
Contact: Ben Drepaul


A Bible School is held every year, Lord willing, around the August 1st holiday. One brother from North America and one with Caribbean connections are usually the presenters. Each island alternates as the host. Youth retreats are also planned periodically, especially during the February Carnival period, to give the young people a more wholesome and scriptural experience. Active Sunday Schools exist in three of the four ecclesias with many neighborhood children attending. Preaching efforts are ongoing which include a radio broadcast twice a month on Sunday mornings sponsored by the Mt. Grace ecclesia in Tobago.

Truth Corps has visited Tobago on two occasions and once the Erin ecclesia in Trinidad to assist with teaching the youth and preaching. Additional support visits by groups of North American brothers and sisters have been organized in recent years.

News from Trinidad & Tobago
February 19, 2024
Join Us for Truth Corps Summer 2024
By Brother David and Sister Cassie Giordano
The Christadelphian Truth Corps is actively seeking members for their 2024 summer program. If you are passionate about spreading the Gospel, and want to apply that passion helping ecclesias alongside likeminded young brothers and sisters, consider joining Truth Corps! It’s a great place to practice and gain confidence talking to others about the Truth, and get to meet and assist brothers and sisters from many places in the world. continue reading
January 17, 2024
Invitation to Caribbean Youth Camp 2024
By Bro. Ben Drepaul, Link Brother for Trinidad & Tobago
Planning for the 16th triennial Christadelphian Youth Camp to be held God’s will in Trinidad from August 10-17, 2024 is now well underway and we give thanks to our Heavenly Father for the prospects of a successful event; we continue our prayers that the event will bring honor to His Name. continue reading
June 22, 2023
A Visit to Tobago
By Bro. Tony Ball, Monroe, WA Ecclesia
During the first week of May, my wife Amy and I were blessed to visit the beautiful island of Tobago. While we were there, we were blessed to visit the Mt Grace Ecclesia. I called ahead earlier on in the week only to hear that Bro. Collin Campbell had fallen asleep rather suddenly and so it was a sad time for the ecclesia. Bro. Collin was the Recording Brother and a hardworking, faithful worker in the ecclesia with a large family of children and grandchildren most of whom also attend the Mt Grace ecclesia. continue reading
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