May 1, 2023

Lessons from a Sister

By Sis Shauna Chin Sang, member Port Maria Ecclesia, Jamaica

Sister Enid Hall, of Port Antonio in Jamaica, has fallen asleep in the Lord at the end of a long and faithful life. She would have been 100 years old on the 18th of February, and was baptized in 1985.  Sis Shauna Chin Sang remembers her.

I met dear Sister Enid at Easter Camp in 1990.

She was one of the dorm mothers, making certain that all the children and teenagers got to specific areas on time for meeting and recreational activities. She was like a lady with eyes behind her to guide us when we stepped out of line!

She often had to look for us. We would try and hide from exercising in the early mornings—and sometimes hide in the dorm or classrooms avoid to Bible classes. At the time, they seem so boring to us children. Sister Enid was lady of patience. She would never yell or curse at us, no matter how often she had to repeat herself to get us to hurry and get to where we needed to be on time.

She was also such a gentle soul. Over the last few years, several other sisters and I would travel whenever possible from Port Maria to Port Antonio to visit her. She was such a bright spark. She loved reading her Bible and singing from the Christadelphian song book. She knew every word of so many hymns!

And she loved to hug her brothers and sisters. She always encouraged us and somehow, with her wise words and bright smile, would brighten us for weeks to come.

As she lost her sight over the pandemic period and became bedridden, she never lost her passion for the word of God and she loved hearing us sing her favorite hymns. She was never grumpy, even when she could no longer move around on her own.

During our final visit to see Sister Enid last October, her caregiver described her as “the nicest old lady in the whole world.”


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