Languages: English
Ecclesias: Approx. 102 members – Broughton, Harvey River, Kingston, May Pen, Port Maria, Round Hill, Spanish Town
Main Religion: Christian (Mainly Protestant)


There are seven ecclesias spread around Jamaica. They hold several fraternal gatherings throughout the year, as well as a well-attended Easter Youth Camp. In 2018, Jamaica hosted the Triennial Caribbean Youth Camp and also saw four baptisms on the island. Bro. David and Sis. Cassie Giordano are currently living in Jamaica as missionaries, and intend to stay until spring of 2020, God willing.

The Jamaican Bible Mission is supported by short-term missionary visits and holds quarterly meetings.

News from Jamaica
November 13, 2023
Jamaica Heroes Day
By Bro. Nathan & Sis Antonia Giordano, CBMC Link Couple for Jamaica
The October Heroes Day Fraternal in Jamaica was a wonderful gathering—despite the fact that after several months of drought in this part of the island, the skies opened in a deluge just as two buses filled with believers were unloading their charges. But it didn’t dampen our spirits too much and all together, sixty brothers, sisters, children and babies gathered from all over the island in the beautiful hillside setting of Round Hill for fellowship and spiritual food. Once the rain eased up and the ravenous young brothers learned that snacks were available downstairs, we started running cookies and watermelon up to the older members settling into the hall whilst we waited for the stragglers. continue reading
October 5, 2023
Truth Corps 2023
By Sis. Cassie Giordano and Bro. Dana Kohlman
Due to some challenges getting Truth Corps up and running after our long Covid hiatus, a promising contingent of volunteers dwindled away while plans were in limbo. In the end, we only had two team members available to travel to Jamaica for two weeks, and another two joining us during the second week. continue reading
September 10, 2023
Truth Corps Members Share
By Truth Corps 2023
During the Summer of 2023, Truth Corps members visited Jamaica to help spread the gospel and host a vacation Bible school.  Here are some of their experiences, in their own words. continue reading
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