January 30, 2023

Looking Forward

By CBMA/C Committee

This month we wanted to share with you a few things that took place in 2022 and some plans that will take place in 2023, God Willing.  On November 5, 2022 we held the Annual Meeting for CBMA/CBMC via Zoom. You will see from the comments below by both of the Chairmen that 2022 was in part a transition year, since by mid-year travel plans could be made and visits actually took place.

Annual CBMA and CBMC Joint Meeting on November 5,2022

After annual election processes in 2022, the following brethren serve on the CBMA and CBMC committees.

Christadelphian Bible Mission of America

    • Bro. Ben Drepaul
    • Bro. Ken Green
    • Bro. Eric Hawthorne
    • Bro. Antonio Howell
    • Bro. Allen Laben
    • Bro. Dennis Paggi
    • Bro. Dan Styles

Christadelphian Bible Mission Canada

    • Bro. Mark Carr
    • Bro. Bill Hlina
    • Bro. Ted Hodge, Jr.
    • Bro. Jonathan Lawrence
    • Bro. Mike LeDuke
    • Bro. Ian Macfarlane
    • Bro. Ted Sleeper
    • Bro. Phil Snobelen

Visits were made to St. Lucia, Antigua for a Youth Camp in August, Guyana, Barbados, Guatemala and the yearend Bible Schools were held in Costa Rica and El Salvador.  There were also 12 baptisms last year in spite of the pandemic.

Newly baptized sisters in Costa Rica

Attendees of the Costa Rica Bible School in December, 2022

Young people attending the El Salvador Bible School in December, 2022

Sunday School class in Antigua in May, 2022

Mission House in St. Lucia

Letters from the Chairmen

Christadelphian Bible Mission of America (Mission fields in the Americas)

With COVID under better control in North America and our mission areas, we were thankful to be able to begin some visits in the last six months of the year to brothers, sisters and ecclesias who had not had personal contact for over two years. Truly there is a difference between virtual and face to face visits!  As we consider the new year, we look forward to more normal visiting schedules, a full Truth Corps program, and new preaching/learning activities which will be rolled out during the next few months.

We were blessed to initiate a domestic preaching program in Avon, Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky with Sisters Lonti and Jackie Shindano.  Our latest newsletter contains the exciting details.

We were happy to form a new Spanish postal course correspondence team, under the leadership of Bro Larry and Sis Marie Cooper.  They are in the process of learning their new responsibilities as we continue to push forward with new internet advertising.  Sis Rebeca Fernandez Binch is now working with us in internet marketing, and we have welcomed her to the internet preaching team and look forward to her suggestions for improvement.

Regular readers of our newsletters have learned of a number of baptisms during 2022.  Our year ended with Bible Schools in both El Salvador and Costa Rica.  Both were well attended and benefitted from speakers and participants from all over Latin America.

We are looking forward to 2023: more normal visiting schedules, full Truth Corps program, yearend Bible Schools.  But as always, our deepest prayer is that all our plans be interrupted by the return of Jesus.

Bro. Dennis Paggi, Chairman CBMA


Christadelphian Bible Mission of Canada (Mission Fields in the Caribbean)

Worldwide, 2022 was a time to get brothers and sisters and families back to the meeting halls and activities that are necessary for fellowship and strengthening. Many have been adversely affected by job loss, aging & health concerns and fears. Strengthening our brothers and sisters and encouraging the efforts to bring the gospel to searching hearts is once again the focus of our efforts with the CBMC.

Thankfully, visits to the Caribbean countries are resuming which allows for much needed help and support. In 2022 we were able to receive several volunteers who stepped in to visit ecclesias to provide help and encouragement. Two brothers from Kenya are currently stationed in Antigua and are providing support to the members there. They are working with the Sunday school students and their parents to share the gospel. Sunday school work in Kilcoy has also seen some success. They had invited the children in the neighborhood to come for a meal and Sunday school. They were very disheartened when no one showed. Others encouraged them to try again the following week. They now have over 20 children attending the Sunday school lessons.

Activities in other countries range from: Radio and TV programs being presented in Trinidad and Tobago; a group of 11 brothers and sisters from Norfolk visiting Jamaica in support of the Easter youth and family gatherings; and a one month visit to St. Lucia to support the members there. There is a particular challenge in Haiti due to violence and lawlessness. lt is difficult to organize activities safely. There will be a need in Antigua when the brethren return to Kenya.

How can you or your ecclesia support the work of the CBMA/C? You can become a tutor with This Is Your Bible, or plan holiday visits and offer to visit, exhort or give a Bible class. Take a few minutes to explore the CBMA/C website: www.cbma.net. Above all, continue your prayers and support for the work.

Bro. Bill Hlina, Chairman CBMC

2023 Budget

At our recent CBMA/CBMC Meeting held earlier in January we approved the 2023 CBMA Budget of $489K and the 2023 CBMC Budget of $313K.  There are many plans underway for preaching efforts in a number of mission areas.

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