May 27, 2016

My Visit to Guyana

By Sister Trudy Stuchlik

IMG_4430Sister Beth Stuchlik and I (Sister Trudy Stuchlik) from the Ann Arbor Ecclesia (MI) embarked on an unforgettable journey last year on July 28th to August 20th. Our purpose was to help out with Guyana’s Vacation Bible School, the triennial Caribbean youth conference, pastoral visiting and to hang out with all my friends. This year was my third year going. I was so blessed to be apart of the 2013 Truth Corps, which was my first eye opener to Guyana and to all the amazing brothers and sisters there. I would highly recommend Truth Corps for anyone and everyone. My mom had heard all the different stories for years and had wanted to go in person, so she hopped on the plane with me. She was looking forward to seeing a whole new land and culture.

IMG_4433Guyana offers a lot to anyone who would like to visit or do missionary work there. It has the Atlantic Ocean right there that you can visit; it has a stunning view of the sunset or long walks on the beach if you choose. The Guyana Zoo is so incredible, you get to see leopards, ocelots, tapirs and you will even be able to feed and pet manatees. You can enjoy the fresh fruit and amazing different juices there. Guyana is so cool, you get to see wild animals like parrots, geckos, monkeys and toucans right outside your door. We were able to enjoy the water park in Guyana with everyone that went to the youth conference, which was super enjoyable in the Guyana heat.

We were so blessed with the outcome of the Vacation Bible School in New Amsterdam. We started with 16 children and had 32 children by the last day. We started each day with prayer, our week’s songs, a Bible lesson, questions, crafts, lunch and some discussion, and then it was time to go home for the day. Our kids listened very well and had great participation, especially with the crafts. We were so blessed to have our favorite friend, sis. Laurie Wilkenson help us out and provide us with some top-notch crafts that went along with our lessons. It was uplifting having the youth Brian Kellawan, Sonia Rupenarine, Imraz Khan, Susan Arjune, Sarah Khan, Gilbert Ndjelekulu help from the Kilcoy and New Amsterdam CYCs, along with the children at the Vacation Bible school. We couldn’t have done it without their help. We had a fantastic time being pampered by Sister Bibi and brother Robin Rupenarine; they really make you feel at home, specially being able to hang out with tiny beautiful Isabella (Sister Dilean’s baby daughter).

IMG_4431Going out to the Plegt Anker Ecclesia was extraordinary! We did a CYC class out there. There were 25 young people who came from near and far to hear the classes on Micah 2 and 3, also a presentation on Shiloh and information from The Promised Land Youth Conference going over Israel. Talking with the locals there we found around 7 young people who want to take baptismal classes! It’s amazing how many people you touch and influence on your travels there and how many new people you get to meet. It’s worth going to see all the lovely, friendly faces!

We visited the widows from the Georgetown ecclesia, Lorraine and her sister, Glancy, they are such a breath of fresh air, always full of such a joyful spirit for our Lord. Sisters’ classes in New Amsterdam and Georgetown were most enjoyable, all the sisters had such great input.
Caribbean Youth Conference 2015 was huge with many new faces. It was on Youth At The Crossroads. The brothers, Tyron Smart and Ian Mcfarlane, had incredible classes that moved everyone. We had such a great group of people this year; it was a blast! Sis. Dawne Semple helped drive us around everywhere while we were there. She always amazes me with something new every time I go there. Dawne is such a big help to the ecclesias. She always wants to do more and more, helping as many in the ecclesia with anything she can. She is a wonderful lesson in how to use the gifts God gives us. I love having fellowship time with such wonderful and humble brethren and friends.

IMG_4427We had a tragic departure the day our flight was leaving this amazing place. We got a phone call saying bro. Timothy Barnwell was in the hospital; he’d been in a serious car accident. He fell asleep in the Lord a few days later, and all I know is that I cannot wait for the Kingdom to see his smile from ear to ear again. May God be with his family, fiancé and loved ones who he impacted by his life.

On our way back we were able to stop in Trinidad a little too. Bro. Sam Edwards’ family took us in and they treated us to a marvelous meal on our travel home. It was an amazing feeling and I can’t wait to go and visit Trinidad.

We must all always remember this: The CBMA/C desperately needs more and new faces for missionary work. We must have a willing spirit, especially in the Last Days. Deut 31:6: “I will not forsake thee or fail thee.” Isaiah 6:8: “Here am I; send me.” What really is our issue? What should our response be? If you find yourselves able, Guyana and Trinidad would love to entertain you.

Sister Trudy Stuchlik

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