August 22, 2014

Puerto Rico – So many churches, so much deception!

By Brother Don and Sis. Miriam Luff

000015For many years, the CBMA has sent correspondence course material to people in Puerto Rico. However, the contacts on this Spanish-speaking island in the Caribbean are an enigma. There has been no response to advertised lectures, phone calls receive a cool answer and acceptance to our appeals to visit in contacts homes is minimal – even from those who answer the course with enthusiasm. Most Latin American countries are the opposite! Part of the problem could be the life style, since it is an American territory affected by materialism, and also due to the fact that there are many “Prosperity Gospel” type churches, which have a strong appeal. On top of all this, the deception of these churches is hard to overcome with the simplicity and common sense of the Truth.

During the month of March my wife and I spent 5 days in Puerto Rico visiting the few brethren in this country. Brother Edgardo met us at the airport and took us to a little efficiency apartment he had arranged for our stay. For most of the first three days of our stay, we spent our time with Edgardo and two of his friends. This seems to be the most effective method of reaching people – personal contact. One woman contact is quite open to the things of the Truth, but the other considers that he believes the same as we do. The problem is that he also believes in keeping the Law of Moses (7th day) and has some different thoughts on the nature of Christ, as well as some unique views on the angels. After a few hours of conversation, it was evident that he really did not believe the same as we do. The matter of rebaptism had been previously discussed with him, however he saw no need for that. We pray that with more study, time and patience the seed of the word will grow in him, since he is open to discuss the Word and quite friendly.

We spent an enjoyable day on Sunday, March 23rd with Brother Edgardo, Brother Miguel and Sister Aida (at their home in Ponce) and with a woman contact. The 3 Puerto Rican members and the two of us enjoyed fellowship by mean of a Breaking of Bread Service, and after that we were treated to delicious meal.

Monday, March 24th we were hosted by Miguel, Aida and their oldest son, Miguel Junior. For all the years this couple have been in virtual isolation, they are very strong in their faith. There are only 4 Christadelphians on the Island of Puerto Rico and we pray that God will help them remain strong in these last days.

On behalf of the CBMA, Brother Don and Sis. Miriam Luff

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