August 13, 2015

Sister Annette Johnson

By Brother Keith Kinlocke

DSCN1874Sis. Annette is missed greatly in Jamaica and by many in different parts of the world.  She fell asleep in the Lord on Sunday, April 5, 2015 at the age of 44.  She was a life-long member of the May Pen Ecclesia in Jamaica.  Her parents are Brother Melvin and Sister Gerzel Gordon of the same ecclesia, as is her husband Brother Patrick Johnson.  Patrick and Annette have 3 children – Kharma 15, Nogomo 13 and Akilah 7 (see attached family photo taken early this year).  Sister Annette has one sibling, Brother Casmon Gordon, who along with his wife Sister Nicky are members of the Brooklyn New York Ecclesia.  Annette and Casmon grew up together in the May Pen Sunday School, and she was baptized April 17, 1989.  It is with sadness we report that she succumbed to cancer and has left a big void in many ways – firstly to her husband, 3 children and natural family.  At the same time, Annette was involved in the Truth in so many ways; it will take some time for the Jamaican Brotherhood to adjust to her absence.  In her own ecclesia she was Sunday school teacher for many years, which duties she shared with Sister Lorraine Johnson (not related) – the two of them taught about 20 children in 2 groups.  The accompanying photo shows them at their best – working together serving ice cream to the children!  One of her other ecclesial efforts in recent years was to carry-on the work of her mother to encourage ecclesial CYC activities Saturday afternoons.  This meant reminders by phone calls and text messages, plus Patrick and Annette using the family vehicle to help those who needed transportation.  Her initiatives for the youth extended beyond her home ecclesia – and along with other Jamaican brothers and sisters, she was instrumental in planning for and the execution of the 4-day Annual Easter Youth Camp in Jamaica – which is of great benefit to the children and youths.  Annette also helped ensure that as many teens and young adults as possible attended the Triennial Caribbean Youth Camp – which she went to as well to chaperone and assist in daily activities. 

DSCN1379The Jamaican Ecclesias have their own Bible Mission committee – the Christadelphian Bible Mission Jamaica (CBMJ).  This committee organizes a full annual Calendar of Events – about 12 per year.  Sister Annette served as secretary on the four member committee for a number of years, and also assisted the treasurer prepares spreadsheet financial reports – plus liaises with our overseas supporting organization, the Christadelphian Bible Mission Canada (CBMC).  The Calendar of Events requires much communication with the ecclesial CBMJ representatives and recording brothers, as well as helping to coordinate transportation to the various activities, and reserving of the venues for Camps and Fraternals.   Annette was in regular communication with many members by phone, email or text in preparation for the events.

20150215_143808[1]Sister Annette was tireless in her efforts for her natural family and the Jamaican Brotherhood, and beyond.  It was evident at her funeral that her outgoing and helpful manner had been witnessed by many during her life since approximately 500 people were in attendance. Her energy, enthusiasm and zeal for the Truth were infectious.   Her example of service to the Master has affected many for good, and will continue to encourage others to follow in the steps of our Lord!  We have many happy memories together with Annette!  Now there is a challenge is to fill the void, and there are other sisters who are willing to do so.  That being said, we appeal to brothers and sisters overseas to consider helping us here in Jamaica in our efforts to support and strengthen the members.  There are few brothers in the ecclesias, and visits of any length will help us in our efforts, in these last days before our Lord returns.  Please contact the undersigned for information.

Although we sorrow at the loss of our Sister Annette and miss her presence, we continue in the same hope, which is, looking forward to the fulfilment of God’s sure mercies at the glorious day of the resurrection of God’s faithful servants.

Brother Keith Kinlocke

CBMJ chairman

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