March 4, 2022

Ukraine Update – March 4

By David Pearce and Mark Sheppard

The situation in Ukraine remains fluid and so by the time this appears it could well be out of date. We have a number of brothers and sisters in the danger zones in Ukraine.

The Donetsk region was taken over by the rebels in 2014, but they were fought back by Ukraine soldiers, so that Kramatorsk, where our Sis Elena M lives, went back into Ukraine control. Now the Russians have broken through once more. Sis Elena is safe at the moment, and is able to buy food from the shops there. Sis. Elena may be able to move away.

We have three brothers and three sisters in Kharkov, further north east and very close to the border with Russia. Bro Charles from Kharkov has managed to reach Latvia with his family after a difficult period. 

There are six in Kyiv, the capital. The oldest, Sis Elana K, is right in the centre. She is 83.

Igor B in the south of the city cannot sleep for explosions and sirens. His wife died 18 months ago. His son is seven years old. He speaks good English so we talk to him every day. He has a little food in stock, and hopes to obtain bread before the weekend. He is now planning to try and move further west.

Another group is further south east in the Dnipro region, and another in Poltava, east of Kiev. One sister from Poltava has been able to get to Poland.

The balance of our brothers and sisters are right in the south in the Kherson region, near the Black Sea. Sis Julia lives in the centre of Kherson, which is said to have fallen to the Russians.

The Russian forces are trying to take control of the key cities of Kyiv, Kherson and Kharkovka. Men from 18 to over 60 have been asked to join the military, which would include around ten of our members. We have asked them not to take up arms. No men between 18 and 60 may leave the country, only women and children. 

None of our eighty or so active members have a car. Many of them live in isolation in remote villages, some 30 miles from the nearest town. Sending funds may be of limited help as many ATM’s and banks are closed. Even if they have money, it is not certain that there is food for them to buy. CBM Welfare Fund will provide financial help where it is realistic to do so. Although we do not have a need for funds at the moment (nor a means of getting them to brothers and sisters at this time), we may well need to provide support in the near future, so please await any further request.

The word tells us that we must expect times of trouble before the end, this is one of them, and we should expect that such times will increase before the end of all things. 

We need to bring all of this to our Heavenly Father in prayer. Only He can solve this, so we must pray to God to protect our brothers and sisters.

David Pearce and Mark Sheppard

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