News from Ukraine
April 23, 2022
Ukraine Update – 23 April
The so called “Special Military Operation” in Ukraine continues, although it no longer attracts quite the number of headlines it used to. Our brothers and sisters continue to be affected in many ways, and we can scarcely imagine what it must be like to be living in such dire conditions. Here are a few snippets of information in the hope that brothers and sisters will keep them in their prayers. Our apologies if some of this seems a little repetitive. continue reading
March 29, 2022
Ukraine Update – 29 March
The world grows tired of news stories which go on for too long. Other news comes to the fore, and takes the front pages. The news is still dominated very largely by what has been happening in Ukraine, and the brotherhood has continued to focus on the conditions of brothers and sisters who have been so severely affected by what is still called in Russia a “Military Operation”. continue reading
March 18, 2022
Ukraine Update – 18 March
Thank you to all of the brothers and sisters all over the world who joined in prayer on Sunday 13 March for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine and Russia. Thank you also to all those who have joined in prayers at other times, do please keep our Ukrainian and Russian brothers and sisters in your prayers, our Heavenly Father hears, and as He works out His purpose remembers what we have asked for. Often, we would like to do something to help, and right now there is so little we can do, and so much which He can. continue reading
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