February 26, 2022

Ukraine Update


This is the latest news as of 11am, Saturday 26 February. Our CBM Linkman and others involved in the work in that part of the world are in regular contact with several of our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. Some of our brothers and sisters are frightened and need our prayers. We will update the brotherhood as news emerges. 

We have a number of brothers and sisters in the danger zones in Ukraine. 

The Donetsk region was taken over by the rebels in 2014, but they were fought back by Ukraine soldiers to a new boundary several miles east. Mr Putin aims to take back Donetsk right up to the original border. This would include Kramartorsk, where our Sis Elena M is now in danger for the second time after 2014. 

We have three brothers and three sisters in Kharkov, further north east and very close to the border with Russia. Bro Charles there reports he has heard explosions.

There are six brothers and sisters in Kiev, the capital. The oldest, Sis Elana survived the Second World  War! It looks as though a column from Belarus is advancing south towards Kiev.

Bro Igor reports that he hears explosions. His son is at home from school. He fears the electricity might be cut off, when he would be unable to cook food.

Another group is further south and west in the Dnipro region, and another in Poltava, east of Kiev.

The balance of our brothers and sisters are right in the south in the Kherson region, near the Black Sea. It sounds as though Russia is moving its forces north from Crimea, which would take them through this region.

Men from 18 to over 60 have been asked to join the military, which would include some of our members. No men between 18 and 60 may leave the country, only women and children.

We can only pray to God to protect our brothers and sisters.

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