September 21, 2015

Visit to Chile

By Bro. Brother Robert Alderson

Ecclesia in SantiagoAt the end of the road that runs down the western coast of South America is the city of Puerto Montt, Chile.   It is a long way from anywhere, however, we live in an age when Distance has lost much of her power.   Our friend in Puerto Montt who met us via Facebook, read about us in, studies with us on Skype, and occasionally receives a letter from us in the post, is a good example of how the call of God’s word isn’t fussy about the medium.

Volcán Calbuco EruptionIt was a highlight to be able to meet Daniel in Puerto Montt during a brief visit to Chile in March of this year.  The stop to see Daniel was well timed as the following day Volcán Calbuco erupted.  Chile – which is essentially a country defined by one long fault line – regularly experiences earthquakes and eruptions.  Calbuco is about 20 kilometres from Daniel’s house and can be seen from his front door.  It closed down the airport.

DanielThis visit also provided the opportunity to meet with the small ecclesia in Santiago and with Brother and Sister Polo and Ester who live in the city of Temuco, about halfway between Santiago and Puerto Montt.    Brother Polo is currently working in Calama in the north of Chile which means that the brethren and friends are spread over 2500 kilometres from north to south.   Distance flashes her claws.

As we do with all our isolated brothers and sisters, we pray that our common faith binds them with us in a unity that disregards our separation.

Written by Bro. Brother Robert Alderson

Polo and Ester in Temuco

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