September 2, 2014

Works of Faith 2014


IMG_20140807_104402_editedWorks of Faith appeals spawned from individual brothers, sisters and ecclesias asking us how they can become directly involved in helping the brothers & sisters and ecclesias in mission areas. These projects are above and beyond the normal budgeted items for a missionary country. Works of Faith projects are ideal for a CYC, Sunday School, or a whole ecclesia to adopt.

Currently we have 15 such projects listed at that could use your financial assistance.

Several examples (primarily in Jamaica this year) are:

  • $55 to replace a 15 year-old printer used by the Christadelphian Bible Mission of Jamaica.
  • $1,600 to purchase a water storage tank and pump near the Round Hill ecclesia to irrigate crops for a year-round harvest.
  • $250 to deliver a tanker truck full of water to offset a drought experienced by Round Hill ecclesial members.
  • $950 for sewing machines and supplies to replace those lost in fire – the small store was the main source of income for an ecclesial family.
  • $550 to purchase and supply a vendor cart so a widowed sister can support her family.
  • $1,400 to restock a little grocery store so a sister can supplement her family’s income.
Please take a look at and see all of the current projects available. If you see any that you can help with or have any questions please contact Sis. Jan Berneau
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