Tracing the steps of “the Lamb” in Quito

Once again, I have been treated to the warmth of fellowship of my brothers and sisters in Ecuador. This fellowship was more enhanced by the choice of study the brothers and sisters had requested. I was asked to spend the eleven days of my visit in the study of the Book of Revelation. With the appearance of “the Lamb” throughout the entire book, what more could we desire than to be constantly reminded of the supreme sacrifice of our Saviour, Jesus Christ and the promised Kingdom? 

On earlier visits, Sister Carol and I would sleep in the rented accommodation that also served as the meeting room for the ecclesia. Now they meet at a hotel further to the south of Quito. Because we were to meet every day at that Hotel, I spent 4 nights there as well as the home of Brother Cesar and Sister Mariana. In addition to our meeting in Quito, Brother Cesar and Sister Mariana drove me along the spectacular route to spend a night in Ambato, 3 hours from Quito. There we were to discuss many aspects of our faith with our dear Brother Vinicio and then, the following day, break bread together. Four other members travelled on the Saturday to meet with us and encourage our isolated brother.

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Changes for Jamaica

We are thankful to report that the CBMC has been able to place a missionary couple in Jamaica during 2018 – Brother David and Sister Cassie Giordano.  In the process of moving to Jamaica, and after months of complying with government ever-changing requirements, they received the necessary documents mid-year, to allow them to live legally in Jamaica. Originally from the Norfolk, Virginia Ecclesia, David and Cassie transferred their membership to the Broughton Ecclesia in Jamaica.  It is planned for them to use accommodation in both the Westmoreland and Clarendon Parishes, thus being able to assist the brotherhood across the Island.  In addition to this good news, Brother Nathan (David’s brother in both senses) and Sister Antonia Giordano  (see accompanying photo) from the same Virginia Ecclesia have assumed CBMC linkcouple responsibilities in support of the Christadelphian Bible Mission of Jamaica (CBMJ), as of January 2019.  They have visited Jamaica 4 times – on more than 1 occasion with Brother Don Luff (current CBMC linkman), who they are replacing. We pray for God’s richest blessings on the service of these 2 couples in Jamaica.  Read more »

Jamaica News

Since our last submission, we have benefitted greatly from the services of Brother David and Sister Cassie Giordano (current in-field missionaries) at several of the Island ecclesias, with our youth and in our homes.  Brother David spoke at the February 14thAsh Wednesday Fraternal in the Broughton Ecclesial Hall on the theme – “The gods of the Bible: Idle Worship” – a topic which laid the groundwork for the lively discussion groups!  An All-Island Fraternal was help on Easter Monday April 2ndat the Round Hill Ecclesial Hall – Jamaican brothers lead the day’s studies on the topic of “Interpreting the time – What have we become after our baptism?”. 

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2018 Caribbean Youth Conference

The Triennial Caribbean Christadelphian Youth Camp will be hosted this year by the brethren in Jamaica. We are delighted to confirm that a site has been secured, the Montague’s Teachers College, in the parish of St Ann on the Northeast end of the island. It is in close proximity to the resort town of Ocho Rios. This is a quiet, peaceful and picturesque area of the island unaffected by criminal activity found in some parts of the island. The brethren in Jamaica have been working very hard to prepare for this camp.

Youths, both baptized and unbaptized, eagerly look forward to this opportunity to gather together with those from around the Caribbean (and even with some from North America) to make new friends, renew old friendships and to immerse themselves in a community of those who treasure God’s Word and long for the return of our Lord. They hunger for spiritual food and the chance to gain new insights and fresh thoughts. For many this will be the first time they have ventured out of their home country and their first opportunity to gain a sense of a larger community. Since this event occurs only once every 3 years, they may have only 2 opportunities in their lifetime to participate. For some, this is a chance to find a partner for life who shares their faith. They do not have the myriad of youth conferences, weekends around the Word and Bible Schools with classes geared to their needs found in North America.

CBMA/CBMC is committed to trying to address financial barriers and to make it possible for all eligible youths to attend. The biggest expense is the airfare. It costs about the same to travel from Guyana to Jamaica as it does to travel from New York to Jamaica. The families of these young people contribute as they are able, but there are many whose parents do not have the income to finance this trip.

This is where we in North America can help these young people! We are hoping to raise 60 scholarships of $400 each to make this camp a reality. We pray that you will find it in your hearts to support this effort by sending your earmarked donation to CBMA (in the US) or CBMC (in Canada).  We are thankful for whatever level of support you can give to make CCYC 2018 a truly memorable event for the many youths who so look forward to this. Contact information for making CBMA and CBMC donations is found on the Donations Page.
The Study Theme for the week is “Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth (Eccl 12:1) – Accept the Challenge & Seize the Opportunity!” Further information regarding this youth camp can be obtained from bro. Keith Kinlocke, CBMJ chairman,

If you are interested in attending the camp, you can download the registration information here.

My First Time in Jamaica

I was blessed to have the opportunity to spend eight weeks in Jamaica from Sept 25 to Nov 20, 2017. During the first week, Bro Don Luff (link brother), Bro David & Sis Cassie Giordano and I did a tour around most of the island. After the first week the others flew home, and this was in a sense where my real Jamaica experience began, getting to know the local brothers and sisters, working to provide support with the difficult situations they faced and encouraging them to maintain a fervency for the remarkable hope that we have been called to in Christ.

In some parts of the island the focus was on building a firm foundation, while in others it was on ecclesial unity. Our ecclesia’s need to be a place where we can come for support and growth. It takes much more thought and effort to build up, carefully placing the building materials in the right places.

The following are a series of snapshots of my experiences in Jamaica.

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