St. Lucia, St. Vincent & The Grenadines
Languages: English
Ecclesias: 11 members – 1 ecclesia
Main Religion:
Contact: Mike LeDuke


Memorial meetings are held each week and in addition two Bible Enrichment classes are held to ecclesial members and interested friends. Support from brethren and sisters from North America, England and other Caribbean countries encourages continued preaching activities.

News from St. Lucia, St. Vincent & The Grenadines
March 11, 2024
Visit to St. Lucia
By Bro. Martin & Sis. Lois Webster
We no sooner arrived at the Mission Apt., than to be met by our landlady’s helpers telling us that she had just died. Doris Bailey was 97 and had been failing for some weeks. This was not surprising since she’d been ill for a while. Owing to family constraints, the funeral would not be until 7th February, and Linkman, Bro. Mike LeDuke, asked if we could stay an additional week to represent the Christadelphians on that occasion. We were able to move our flight and we got to know Doris’ niece, Ruth McFarlane quite well as she came quite often to sort things out and prepare the house for the reception following the funeral service at the Methodist church in Castries. continue reading
April 18, 2023
Two Visits to St. Lucia
By Bro. Mike LeDuke, Link Brother to St. Lucia
I was met at Hewanorra International Airport by our long-time contact and driver, Keith Philipp, on the afternoon of October 29th and arrived at the Mission House about 5:00 p.m. Keith and visiting missionaries always have stimulating Bible discussions during the 90-minute ride from the airport to the Mission House. continue reading
December 13, 2022
St. Lucia Update
By Bro. Mike LeDuke, CBMC Link for St. Lucia
Following the hiatus in visits and preaching activity due the pandemic and associated issues, I was able to visit the Ecclesia again in November of 2021 (November 7 to Dec. 6) and brother Martin and sister Lois Webster were able to come down on January 3, 2022, and returned on February 20. I followed up with another visit on February 13 through April 11. God willing, my next visit is scheduled for October 29 to December 7. continue reading
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